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Post-Holiday Update: Digital Work

I might have uploaded my sketchbook but I've also been working a fair bit on my digital work. Still trying to find a style that works best for me I'm still in the process of trial and error. Here are a few examples of work I'm either working on, finished or just plain gave up on.

For Halloween I gave the gift of free zombie drawings to the friends I'd made at uni, this is my favourite, but as it is me so that's not surprising :P
Here's a few other examples:


And here's all of us together. Aww, aren't we cute?
I'd also tried working on more character concepts:

The third one was going to be changed but I ended up getting distracted by other projects.

Hey look I got this picture done at least.
Need to use harder edged brushes...
Need to experiment more.
I would love to turn Spyranosaurus Rex into a game :B You know it'd be good.
 During the holiday there was also talk between my friend Hollie and I, (Hollie's blog) about doing our own challenges again. You might have noticed in the sketchbook post below a collection of words next to the text 'dragon'. Well that was our challenge, give each other words and create a seperate challenge for each word. ('Tomato'... thanks hols >[ ).

Anyway I decided to get the worst one out of the way first, here's my Tomato Dragon so far:

Throughout the Sketchbooks you might have also picked up something of a theme with a few images, well the truth is I'm writing my own story. I might put some of it online at some point but for now my sketchbook is being used to go over potential creature character and landscape designs. But as well as that I'm trying my hand digitally to create the characters I need. The images below are of the designs for the first two main characters found in the story.

Thr bear-like brute
This character is proving to be quite a handful, whilst I know a lot of his story, his personality and his own goals and fears, his physical appearance is somewhat of a mystery to me. I've always loved bestial races akin to the Worgen of Warcraft or the Charr of Guild Wars, but I wanted this creation to be something different. He needed to be bulkier, more imposing, something that should you have run into it in the wilf you would be hard pressed to find it as a sentient intelligent creature. But this design didn't hold enough agility that I feel it needs. so I went back to the idea of wolves.

Looking better.
I quite liked this design, after years of time spent in the forests his only clothing is that of tattered fabric and wood. needed more work though.
Something not quite right.
His armor has gained more personality as the sketch became more distinct. He now owns a leather shoulder pad that he had owned before living in hte forest, leaving his origin as an enigma. He has become more lithe yet retained an overwhelming sense of bulk in his upper body, by combining the bulk of a polar bear with the traits found in canids the design has really come along. Still needs more work though. He now looks too generic as a fantasy creature, boring wolf face on an anthropomorphised body. I'll update this as it continues.

Little work has really been done on the protragonist of this story, suffice it to say I have a clear idea of his design in my head but as the idea of a bestial man has eluded me due to the idea being too fluid, this one has become hard to grasp due to it's specificness. I suppose it's ironic given the two characters but I won't say anymore. here's just a sketch I've got done so far of the boy.

Which brings me to my last image:

After looking at the following blog for ideas of poses for women, (Dames Galore) I've been working on this since last night. It's not bad for experimentation actually. But it's still proving hard to come up with a style for it. I like how painterly it looks and I would've liked to keep it that way but throughout the process it became...

This. I really don't like where this is going, it's lost that freedom I liked about the first image. After this I went back to the drawing board.

This design feels a lot better, taking from the style of Art Nouveau I only hope it keeps that freedome I love about it.

More as it comes.



  1. Those Zombies are great! I really like the different poses you've got them in and your sketchy line style!


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