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Post-Holiday Update: Distractions and Work to Come

So it'd been a while since I really updated this, well here's my excuse.

Skyrim happened.
Sure I had a month of updating missing before this came out but with Uni starting up, this came out just as things had begun to settle. I mean, draw... or...

Arrows to the face!
Hmm... hard choice... Maybe both :)

I must admit I really love Argonians.
But with the Skyrim hype all died down now, since my creativity has recovered from the metaphorical arrow to the knee. So hopefully there'll be more posts soon :)

And as for sources of inspiration that have helped keep my creative side alive during this process here are a few of the books I've bought or already owned that have really given me a creative boost when I needed it. hopefully if you come across them you might see what I mean. (You'll have to excuse the photo quality however... many things go missing over Christmas... including my camera cables >[...)

The Art of Guild Wars 2 and Girls on top! by Matt Dixon
I recently bought The Art of Guild Wars 2 as a friend of mine has always been an avid supporter of the game and suggested I look into it. Girls on Top however I bought almost a year ago, I was lucky enough to meet the awesome artist that is Matt Dixon (Matt Dixon Homepage) at a London convention and speak to him briefly about his profession. I must say he is a genuinely nice guy and was pleased to talk to someone about his craft, so if you see him at the next Expo make sure to go say hi. He even signed the book for me :B

And now for something a bit older,

Frank Frazetta Book 2, Beauty and the Beast & Sirens - Chris Achilleos,

Any Fantasy artist worth his salt will know of the work of Frank Frazetta, widely credited as being the god of fantasy art, his work was used in everything from album covers to comics. I was lucky enough to be given this collection from a family friend and whilst I hadn't looked in them too in-depth before I must say I think that was a massive oversight on my part. Having actually sat down and spent time reading these I really think anyone who's interested in the fantasy art medium should get off their arse and go look into this work right now...


I assume you're still here, so if you'd like to know what sort of work I might upload in the near future I'll say this. our current project on my Illustration course is to study animation and Fair Trade. I personally approve of the concept of fair trade but not necessarily the application. So with that I'll be doing my own animations about useless shite. Possibly using such scenes as this in my work:

FLCL Animations © Gainax
I love the animation in these scenes and I'm definitely going to be looking into doing similar stuff, hopefully no direct ripping, although the top one is really tempting :B

For more information on animation I've also found this blog for those that might be interested. Kendra Phillips - (Kendora Blog) I love her work and if I was studying animation exclusively I would be very jealous :)


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