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Illness and Repair.

Ok so I'm sorry for having not posted in a fair while, having suffered not one, not two, but three illnesses in the last couple months I've been taken off my feet pretty hard, resulting in a big creative drought and a lot of missed university work.

Feeling better now (for the most part) I've got back on my feet and decided to really kick my creative juices into overdrive by entering a competition as well as showing off some of my work I never reached completion with before illness struck.

This character is just something quick I came up with for a book I've been working on on the side. A black woman adorned in jewelery her most distinctive trait would have to be her unusual red eyes.

The Return
Sadly this never got finished. It was originally going to be used in a monthly competition with the title of 'The Return', After some research I'd taken a fancy to the idea of portraying a 'Roc' returning with food for her chicks. For those who aren't aware of what a Roc is, it originates from Asia, telling tales of gigantic birds swooping in and stealing creatures as large as elephants. Most likely based on eagles in the sky, humans have often had trouble distinguishing anything in the sky without size reference such as trees to compare. Having birthed these birds of legend. Either way, I was really hoping to get this done sometime, might finish it off later on.

Now for the weekly competition I'm currently entering, the title of this project is a 6 legged running albino creature. What I didn't know was just how difficult creating a 6 legged creature would be. The usefulness of a creature having 6 legs is almost none, hence insects being the only real ones, speed isn't needed by them merely balance, so portraying a creature with 6 working limbs was a massive task. Ever seen someone try to draw a character with 4 arms? It's harder than you'd think given how we wouldn't have shoulder joints in our ribs.

Anyway with the help of some other artists as well as looking through books such as 'Alien Race' I eventually moved on from my previous design to the following:

Different, not quite what I'm looking for though.
Better, basing off insects and crustaceans a much sleeker design.
Now let's give this creature some movement...

Aww, reminds me of an excited dog I must admit.
Needs more cleaning up, Thanks to fellow artist Lhune, I looked more into crustaceans, deciding to add more of a carapace to this speedy runner.

Much, much better, a cleaner design as well as a sleek creature that I could honestly say I'd like to own... might smell a bit though.

Anyway I'll post more as I have them and I'll let you guys know how the competition goes.


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