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The Start of the Animation Course.

Well it's been over 2 months since I last updated this, what with moving to Cardiff and beginning a new course. Having left the Illustration course at Northampton university, I've begun work on a computer animation course here in muggy Cardiff, and below are the first examples of work that have been produced.

Our first project was to take a painting we liked and animate it, this was to teach us the basics of animation, cinematography and audio; this was actually quite an eye opener for me personally. Whilst I've drawn and painted and written prose for years, not once have I ever needed to consider audio of any kind, and so I was thrown off balance.

Still I chose my piece, 'The Tome of Salvation' by Ralph Horsley, and endevoured to try and make this as successful as possible. Below are the sketches of the storyboard as well as the video.

And the video:

There are some obvious problems with the work, but this is my first animation on this course, (second ever) so for that reason I'm quite proud.

Special thanks to Ralph Horsely, the image he provided for this was incredibly useful, and he was exceedingly polite. For more of his work check out the following link:

Artwork © Games Workshop


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