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The Triclops

As the holidays loomed upon me and university work had taken a shift to less important topics I felt it was time to get back into the swing of the creature contests I used to enter some months ago. My choice was to enter CGHubs 'Triclops' competition with the following brief:

'The triclops' primary sense is the 3 eyes it has. It is a nocturnal little creature that gets frightened easily, so it spends much of its time looking around for predators before making any type of move. It is a quadruped with 2 smaller limbs used to handle food. (6 limbs total) All other physical traits are up to you.'

And so I went about creating sketches.

For these I simply tried to get a full range of designs. The largest problem however is the complete lack of any animals within the entire earths ecosystem with a need to have 3 eyes, all necessities such as a wider field of vision can be attained with developments like a rectangular iris, similar to a goats. Not to mention the 6 limbs, 6 limbs is something only insects have and that is purely because of how light they are for them. If an animal developed 6 limbs in the natural world it would be so weighed down I wouldn't expect it to last 2 months sadly. Still, with that in mind I decided to stick with my initial design, a more insect like creature.

For the creature I looked art a mixture of animals, the idea was to make it more of a prey animal, and so creatures like rabbits, triceratops and horses heavily influeced it's design. However after much discussion with other artists on forums it was decided that a more front on view was needed to really portray it's 3 eyes.
However at this stage more emphasis was on the ears than the actual creature. Naturally this wasn't the reaction I intended or wanted, and so the following design was made.

Now was time to refine the design and colour it in, however this turned out to be a much harder task than I had anticipated. I tried both a Value>Colour route:

And a straight to final painting route:

Luckily after some tests It turned out a nice combination of the two worked out pretty nice, colours on first, and then value to correct the subtle mistakes. Resulting in:

The Triclops

The Triclops lives in a vast desert; almost entirely barren, the only signs of life either being the Triclops herds themselves, the beasts that hunt them, and the sparse patches of vegetation.

It has evolved an interesting way to interpret wavelengths using it's unusual number of eyes. The one at the front of it's skull views in ultraviolet, making vegetation stand out amongst the arid desert, whilst the two at the side keep a constant vigil for predators. Should one be spotted their antennae glow in a spectrum invisible to the majority of their predators, warning the rest of the herd.


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