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Weekly Update #13: Sketches and Curls

This week has moistly been taken over by sketches. After joining twitter and seeing some of the excellent work some of my favourite artists produce daily I've decided to allocate myself time ever day to produce some drawing or painting work of my own. Right now I've setting myself aside one hour very day for quick sketches. Mostly creatures but I feel the need to expand and do some mech or environmental work also. Let's hope I manage to keep this up for some time to come. Here are some of the sketches I've produced so far through this: Day #1 Sketches
Day #1.5/2 Sketches
I've also been entering something called Sketch_Dailies, last nights topic was Jordi La Forge from Star Trek: The Next Generation:
As well as trying my hand at environments, as they are currently what I consider myself weakest at.
With my extracurricular work set aside there's also been some progress with Alpha. We currently have the lovely Matt Lee ( working on music who's recently joined the team. I'm looking forward to seeing how this progresses! Development with the creature has also progressed:
The fur is proving just as tricky as I had expected it to be, sadly. Right now I feel it's close to how I wanted it but it requires some tweaking possibly. As well as some adjustments to the overall shape of the creature too for rigging purposes. That's it for this weeks update. Next week will likely include smaller tweaks and maybe a few more sketches to fill the gaps!


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