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Weekly Update #15: Teeth, Tongues and Trouble.

Sadly, this week started off with a lot of issues. After spending much of my time sculpting the monster in Alpha I found there were several issues when rendering out this monster back into Maya. It's all well and good having a sculpted creature is Zbrush, but without a way for the animators to utilize it, it'll be essentially useless.
After some experimenting inside Metal Ray I found the displacement maps I had been exporting didn't react in the way I was expecting when applied to the low poly OBJ in Maya.
Some tweaking of the settings resulted in closer results, but still. it's a far way away from this:
I decided to leave this section for now as I was getting nowhere. I thought it best to simply stop and move on to another part of the project whilst I waited to talk to those who may know something more about my issue than I. I began working on features I hadn't yet sculpted or exported. Namely the teeth, tongue and eyelids.
This may not look like much, but this character now has a whole world inside its head it didn't have last week:
This is another part of this project I'm relatively new to. I hadn't yet worked on details inside the mouth. Frankly the close proximity of so many objects worried me, I didn't want any undue clipping, and without any experience I found myself running on guess work and trying to remember what I had seen in games before. In the end I wound up with objects like these:
With the short time limit I simply decided to take those objects and reshape them for our female character too. Saves time and doesn't look half bad either.
Luckily, by the time I finished these objects, I had wound up finding the correct settings and rendering our objects correctly in Arnold too!
This week also saw the end of my daily sketches. I had wanted to carry on with them, but with production on Alpha going from a stage where I knew exactly what I was doing, to toying around with various programs and renderers, I found my time being eaten away and soon I didn't even have a spare hour to draw creatures. I'll post the last few up, and now production on Alpha begins to get intense.


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